The King of meme is currently Its_JaMeSz!

Drama Queen of Memes
So Here we have a whole new Meme contest.
We have our king @Sandepp But who will be his Queen?
We must find him someone worthy!
Donald trump has already agreed to be the minister at the wedding, they will me showered with memes and consummate on a bed of Gifs.

Are you worthy of the mighty Tag?
The Contest will begin this upcoming Friday where you will submit your meme/Video/Gif.
The subject? BASED Drama! (Dont take it too far, Edgy but not over the edge.)

Your self proclaimed "BASED Arch Bishop of Banterburry" Little Midget

3hac, submission by fecht_nico:

W33dKiller.exe, submission by Vista:

plsdontban, submission by Partycat:

Under the radar, submission by BumsNL:

War, submission by Borgert:

9/14 Deniers, by al-khdir:

Public statement, submission by Viirus: