The King of meme is currently Its_JaMeSz!

The MEME war in December 2017

PRTA slaps BASED, by Wicca:

cancer PRTA, by Jack_Howitzer:

poking, by BubblyNinja:


More cancer, by Sandepp:

BASED is dying, by Wicca:

Dusa, by Wicca:

Admin Decisions, by Sandepp:

memes, by Blacktea:

??, by Wicca:

Donation Money, by Sandepp:

Rain, by Bubblyninja:

Wicca Frog, by Jack_Howitzer:

Alwaysdead, by Jack_Howitzer:

Dead > BASED, by Jack_Howitzer:

Wicca and Chav, by Sandepp:

ArkUTD + K_Rivers = <3, by Sandepp:

K_Rivers special collection, by BubblyNinja:

BASED=ape skull, by BubblyNinja

Ragout, by BubblyNinja

Management parenting, by BubblyNinja

Don't let them in, by mectus11

pounding, by mectus11

broke my dick, by bubblyninja

dead and cancer, by Jack_Howitzer

dead server memes = best memes, by bubblyninja

PRTA dementor, by Wicca

K_Rivers remix #3, by bubblyninja